Apples are ready from mid-August to the end of September and stored until Christmas, and some varieties until February.

We start with Discovery and as the season progresses the different varieties, mature ready for picking. We grow Worcester Pearmain, Katy, Bramley, Early Windsor, James Grieve, Red Pippin, Elstar, Cox, Gala, Egremont Russet, Crispin, Spartan, Jonagored, Cameo, Winter Gem, Braeburn and Jonareve, Charles Ross, Red Felstaff, Scrumptious, Ashmeads Kernal, Blenhiem Orange, Chivers Delight, Darcy Spice, Grenadier, Howgate Wonder, Fuji. We also have Medlar and Crab Apples.


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Discovery apple


Picked Coxes

A lorry full of apple trees ready for planting


Harwich Road, Lawford, Essex CO11 2JL

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